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Medical Technology

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Together, we’re shaping the future of our company.


Despite being 30 years old, we’re always building and growing – in fact, if our journey was a marathon, we’d be still just tying our shoes! This is a journey on which everyone will have the opportunity to make an impact on our future and on the entire future of healthcare.


Shaping the future needs people who dream, think and act. And there’s no one type. It needs diversity of thought and experience and that’s the culture we cultivate. At ResMed, you will not only be part of an amazing team, you will be free to be the person you are. You will be recognized for the value you bring and rewarded for the work you do.


ResMed values the contributions of the team and recognizes this every day. With competitive salary packages, great benefits and opportunities for professional and career development, you’ll know your efforts are respected and valued.


Working at ResMed is not just an opportunity to help millions of people live healthier, higher quality lives. It’s an opportunity to shape the future – the future of our patients, of the company and your own career.


Every day at ResMed you will help improve people’s lives. We imagine, we research and innovate, we create, we design and build. Whatever your ambition, whatever your specialty, at ResMed you will forge your own path and build your career.


Working with great teams in a supportive culture that lets you be you and the autonomy to act, every day is a new opportunity to excel. With great opportunities to innovate, lead and create life changing technology, a career at ResMed is a varied and rewarding experience.

Locations where there are vacancies for interns


Residency requirements for Interns wishing to apply

Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents


Roles available for Interns



Degree Subjects Required for Interns wishing to apply

Computer Science, Engineering (Software, Electrical/Electronics, Mechanical/Mechatronics, Systems, Manufacturing, Biomedical), Industrial Design

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What do recent interns say are the best things about working with us?

"The work environment is great, flexible working is helpful for other personal commitments."

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