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Type of Organisation 

Quantium is Australia's leading Data Analytics firm

Employer Profile 

At Quantium we believe in the power of the elemental. In atoms we discovered the building blocks of all matter, exploding our understanding of the world around us as we peered through microscopes or looked up to the stars. In DNA we unearthed the being blocks of all life, determining the code of our makeup and our links to the world around us.


In data points, we capture the behavioural blocks of humanity – and it’s only now that we are beginning to fully embrace their potential. These three breakthroughs of the modern age all deliver one simple lesson: we can neither make sense of the whole without knowledge of the parts, nor harness the elemental units without the power to combine them to create a bigger picture.


That’s where we come in. Through data science and Artificial Intelligence, we make meaning from data like never before. Our solutions make sense of what has happened and what will, could or should be done to re-shape industries and societies around the needs of the people they serve. So, we believe in using data for progress, with great care and responsibility. We believe in better goods, better services, better experiences, and for the benefits of the data age to be fairly shared for a brighter future.


We believe in data powering possibilities.

Locations where there are vacancies for Interns 

Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne

Residency requirements for Interns wishing to apply 

All Candidates Considered including International Students

Roles available for Interns 

Data Analytics, Software Engineering

Degree Subjects Required for Interns wishing to apply 

Actuarial, Engineering, Maths, Statistics, Science, IT, Economics

Employer Website

What do recent interns say are the best things about working with us? 

"The individuals working there are very helpful and friendly and the the projects they had us complete were engaging and felt like they mattered."

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