Type of Organisation
Oil and Gas Company

Employer Profile

Our business covers a wide range of petroleum related activities

from oil and gas exploration and production (upstream operations),

to petroleum refining and supply of fuels and lubricants

(downstream operations).


Our primary role – and most important contribution to society – is

to safely provide reliable and affordable supplies of energy, and

we are committed to doing so in a financially, environmentally and

socially responsible manner. We provide employment for around

1,800 people directly, and indirectly provide employment for many

thousands more through the contractors and suppliers that

support our business.


ExxonMobil Australia is a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corporation, the world’s leading petroleum and petrochemical company. ExxonMobil Australia principally operates through subsidiaries Esso Australia Resources Pty Ltd, Mobil Australia Resources Company Pty Ltd, Mobil Oil Australia Pty Ltd and Mobil Refining Australia Pty Ltd. 


ExxonMobil Australia offers a 12-week paid Summer Vacation Work Program to Australian engineering students in their penultimate year of study.

The program is designed to provide:

•           A real engineering project that is current and important to the business

•           An opportunity to apply your University skills to a practical real world engineering problem

•           A competitive salary with additional scholarships on offer to support high performing vacation students through their final year of University

•           Useful skills for future employment

•           First-hand experience of an engineering work environment

•           Opportunities to experience what it’s like to work for ExxonMobil, a dynamic, global organisation that maintains its leadership position through its highly talented workforce and superior technology

Locations where there are vacancies for interns

Residency requirements for Interns wishing to apply
Australia/New Zealand Citizens and Australian Permanent Residents only

Degree Subjects Required for Interns wishing to apply
All Engineering Disciplines

Employer Website

What do recent interns say are the best things about working with us?

"High responsibility and ownership over project - Flexible working options - Opportunity to go offshore and onshore sites - Opportunities to engage with community - Engage with contractors and global technical experts - Exposed to different workgroups through weekly training sessions - Thoughtful and value adding projects - Buddy, Technical Supervisor & Supervisor assigned - Opportunity to engage with different workgroups."


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