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Type of Organisation

Are you ready to be a big part of something big?

At carsales, we’re all about making buying and selling a great experience. For 25 years we’ve been evolving with the new economy to help people choose how they move today and tomorrow.

Employer Profile

We started out with the idea of digitising print classifieds back in 1997 when we thought that ‘this internet thing might actually be starting to take off’. Fast forward to today and we have close to 800 team members across Australia and New Zealand and we’re part of CAR Group – an ASX 100 business and a global leader in digital marketplaces across Oceania, Asia and The Americas.

And don’t let our name fool you – we might have the word “car” in there, but we’re about so much more….When it comes to your career, we want to provide big opportunities to help you make a big impact. But for this to be possible, we strive to feel small. Small enough to quickly change tack, small enough to learn from different departments and small enough to connect authentically with leadership.

Not something you’d expect from one of the country’s biggest tech companies, is it? There are a lot of things to love about carsales. Our uniqueness comes from having the rare combination of being able to provide all the benefits of a big tech company – being growth, security and resource – coupled with the feeling of a small organisation, which gives agility, opportunity and autonomy to our people. We’re a place where you can truly move your career forward and we’re proud to offer a dynamic workplace experience which transcends a mere list of perks and benefits.

Our people are Software Developers. Engineers. Product Managers. Data Analysts. Designers. Sales, Media and Advertising specialists. Researchers. Customer Service stars. Content Producers. Finance experts.  Photographers. Marketing magicians. Legal eagles. And People and Culture peeps.

Locations where there are vacancies for interns

If you join our team in Australia or New Zealand in a role that’s traditionally performed in an office, you have the autonomy to choose where you work from – Office, Hybrid or Anywhere. We believe in creating a culture where our people can do their best work – irrespective of their physical location. Some of us do our best work in an office setting, and some of us work best from somewhere else. Whatever you choose, we want to support you. Periodically throughout the year we bring the whole team together for planned collaboration, communication, and connection events.

Residency requirements for Interns wishing to apply

All Candidates Considered including International Students


Roles available for Interns

We most typically hire interns for roles across our Technology and Data streams. We hire interns through a number of programs include the Victorian Digital Jobs Program, our partnership with Universities, CareerSeekers and many other programs.


Degree Subjects Required for Interns wishing to apply

We are open to people who have a demonstrated interest in a career in technology. They may have completed an IT degree and/or relevant short course.

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