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BP Australia

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Type of Organisation

Exploration, production and development of oil, natural gas and liquefied natural gas; and the refining, transportation and marketing of petroleum and lubricant products

Employer Profile

BP has a proud history of Australian operations spanning almost 100 years. BP is the only oil and gas company engaged in the Australian market from well to bowser. We discover, develop, produce supply, market and sell the chemicals and materials to make the products that define modern life – heat, light, power and mobility. Our products impact every single person within Australia. We employ more than 5,700 people Australia-wide; operating in every state and territory, with our main offices in Melbourne and Perth.


BP Australia is more than an oil and gas company, we are also a retailer. We are bringing distinctive offers and rewards to customers, opening modern retail sites and introducing new technology to the market. We deliver the high quality fuels and lubricants that take customers where they want to go – our brands include BP Ultimate, Castrol, Air BP and Shipping. But we also continue to deliver the fundamentals, refining fuels at Australia’s largest refinery and transporting fuels through our supply chain.

Locations where there are vacancies for interns

Commercial Opportunities - Melbourne

Engineering Opportunities - Perth

Please see our website for further information.

Residency requirements for Interns wishing to apply
Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents only

Roles available for Interns

Finance,Sales, Marketing, HSSE, HR, Supply, Engineering

Degree Subjects Required for Interns wishing to apply

Business, commerce, engineering and science degrees are preferred.

Employer Website

What do recent interns say are the best things about working with us?

"Real projects, plenty of experienced people willing to support the journey as an intern, onsite experience."

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