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Auditor-General's Department

Type of Organisation

South Australian State Government

Employer Profile

The Auditor-General is the independent auditor for the South Australian public sector and is one of the largest external auditing organisations in the state.


We employee about 130 people and audit over 120 departments and agencies.


The role of the Auditor-General is to provide independent assurance to Parliament that Government activities are conducted and accounted for properly and are in accordance with the law.


The Auditor-General reports directly to Parliament on the audits and examinations of State and local government agencies covering financial reports and operations, controls and matters of public interest.

Locations where there are vacancies for interns

Residency requirements for Interns wishing to apply

Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents only


Roles available for Interns

Audit Intern


Degree Subjects Required for Interns wishing to apply

A degree in accounting or commerce (majoring in accounting).

Employer Website

What do recent interns say are the best things about working with us?

"Friendly & qualified staff, sense of responsibility over tasks given, strong support from team members, exposure & experience in the field."

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